Heat Up Sales With Transit Advertising Marketing

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Heat Up Sales With Transit Advertising Marketing

Transit advertising is hot--and there's a lot more than summertime temperatures fuelling the flames. If you're not familiar with the term "Transit Advertising" it encompasses everything from taxis, city buses, out station buses, event trucks, e-hailing, company cars, MRT, LRT to stations and even your own private vehicle. The best news is that transit advertising in its varied and many forms provides effective, affordable marketing opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Create Your Own Moving Campaign!

With hundreds or even thousands of transit media opportunities to choose from, how can you pick the right ones for your business? Just make sure the media you select meet these three criteria:

1. The Right Location. Many transit advertising marketing opportunities involve moving media, like taxis and city buses, for example. So it's vital to choose locations route where they'll be viewed by a high percentage of your prospects and customers. Before approving your media buy, investigate the visibility of each location you choose and the amount of traffic that'll be exposed to your message. Some high-traffic routes permit your target audience to see your message every single day.

2. A Simple Message. With most transit and other outdoor advertising methods, it's essential to communicate using a very simple message. Complex messages, or any product campaigns that require consumer education, are all wrong for out-of-home media. The very best outdoor advertisement generally use a single strong visual image and just a few words to convey their messages to drivers in seconds.

If you do have a more complex message or want to get informational materials into the hands of your prospects, try alternative forms of place-based media. One of the best is the information-rack brochures you see in professional offices. Consider how effectively the brochures in a veterinarian's office sell canine heartworm and flea and tick preparations, and how successfully the brochures and videos in your dentist's waiting room are for selling teeth whitening procedures. Both of these are excellent examples of place-based media that foster customer education and demand.

3. The Best Price. By putting your message exactly where it'll reach your best prospects, you'll tailor your transit media buy to eliminate waste. In most parts of the country, you can wrap your own vehicle and company car at a reasonable cost, or choose city buses in just a handful of the right locations that'll reach both passengers and passing drivers. No matter your budget, there's a transit advertising method that's priced right, from taxis, buses to private vehicle. Fit the media and venue to your message and budget, and you'll have a campaign that will draw traffic and sales.


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