Outdoor Advertising Is Conquering. Why Aren't You Using It?

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Outdoor Advertising Is Conquering. Why Aren't You Using It?


Why Outdoor Advertising still work.

With such a broad spectrum of consumable media for brands to use, outdoor advertising doesn’t immediately emerge as the top option. Digital ads and email campaigns offer much better targeting. TV commercials are more dynamic. What do outdoor ads have that makes them so special?

People spend so much time in front of screens now that real-life advertisements have more power than they used to. Online browsers are masters at ignoring pop-up ads and banners, but when they see buses, taxis, billboard or other eye-catching moving vehicle on road, they take a moment to look. For brands, that moment makes the difference between irrelevance and interest.

Outdoor advertising is the most effective nondigital medium for generating online activity. Brands use outdoor ads to encourage online searches, which lead to engagement, purchases and loyalty.

The pathway from outdoor ads to increased revenue is straightforward -- but success depends entirely on execution. Brands not only need to expand their presence outside, but also to create memorable experiences that make the most of their ad budgets. These tips reveal how:

1. Borrow from other brands and industries.

Outdoor advertising clearly works for other brands. If they do something right, take that idea and use it for a quick shortcut to successful advertising.

Refashion any borrowed content to reflect your brand positioning. Keep the values and voice consistent while infusing new style to maximise the impact of the outdoor content.

2. Create eye-popping, interacting messaging and visuals.

Outdoor advertising exists in an interactive environment. Don’t paste up boring posters and expect customers to come running. Check local municipal regulations, and then think of inventive ways to subvert visual expectations and get viewers engaged with the ads.

Think about how brands stand out in KL City Centre. Eye catchy moving bus advertising come to life for the viewers, moving and bring impact to their live audiences. Travellers take selfies with ads because the signs are an attraction all their own. 

3. Capitalise on travel time.

Whether on a cross-country road trip or a morning commute, Malaysian spend plenty of time on the go. According to survey that most consumers spend 70 percent of their waking hours away from home. RapidKL, Taxis and Outstation buses ads and other signs jockey for the attention of commuters and travellers everywhere they go.

Investor’s Business Daily reports that the biggest digital brands, like Amazon and Netflix, are some of the top spenders in offline advertising. If online titans get that much value from outdoor ads, smaller companies can do the same. Think about the commute and travel behaviours of the target audience, and then optimise your outdoor campaign to meet them on their turf.

4. Blend new tracking with retro appeal.

Outdoor ads naturally lend themselves to retro vibes, but that doesn’t make them outdated. Digitise outdoor ads with dynamic copy, interactive elements and location-specific content to infuse modern effectiveness into a classic medium.



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