The Advantages of Transit Advertising

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The Advantages of Transit Advertising

Where do you advertise when you want to reach everybody? Transit advertising--placement of print ads on buses and other vehicles and in bus shelters and train stations--is an important medium for reaching an audience of all ages, backgrounds and incomes. You are not just addressing riders with these "moving billboards." You are reaching families and professionals in their vehicles, students shopping or right on campus, and tourists finding their way around town.

Why Use Transit Advertising?

  • You can't zap it.
  • You can't ignore it.
  • It can't be turned off like television.
  • It reaches drivers and passengers no matter what radio stations they're listening to.
  • The large, colourful, innovative designs demand attention.
  • You have exclusivity in your space.
  • It delivers a varied audience.
  • It offers flexibility of ad size and location.

At one time, advertisers tended to shy away from internal transit advertising because of the perception of who the bus rider might be. Was the desired audience the person who could not afford a car? Today, concern for the environment and the popularity of programs such as Park-and-Ride have caused a wide range of business professionals, teachers, college students, and many other types of workers to leave their vehicles in parking lots and ride the bus to and from their jobs. It saves them the often high cost of parking and the wear-and-tear on their cars and provides them the opportunity to review material for a morning meeting, study, or just relax and gather their thoughts for the busy day ahead. The ads displayed inside the bus reach passengers who spend an average of 30-40 minutes on the bus. and your ad is there for them to read the whole time.

Not only can you reach some very upscale customers on the inside of the bus, but you can also reach a large variety of people by advertising on the more traditional exterior ads. Exterior bus signs display advertising messages to thousands of people in cars as well as pedestrians. Buses travel through cities and outlying suburban areas, to shopping malls, universities, business districts, amusement centres, supermarkets, and convention sites. Local customers as well as visitors to your area will be exposed to your large moving messages. These giant moving advertisements are impossible to miss and are a lot of fun to look at. 

Now, if you don't want to wrap an entire bus, you can purchase taxi ads which it can blast in quantity. Smaller in ads size but higher is quantity which spread the message wider and cover more locations instead on fix routes.

Designs and Schedules

When considering your design, treat the ads as moving billboards. People won't have a chance to look at the message for a long period of time, so use bright colours to grab attention and simple ideas with just a few words for effective transit advertising.


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