About Us

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MobileAds Marketing, an experienced Malaysian-based Media Specialists who deliver brand-defining transit advertisement that reach your target audience.


MobileAds Marketing specializes in transit advertising: we provide and deliver impactful and eye-catching out of home (OOH) advertisements to customers with efficiency, and cater to the needs of our clients. At MobileAds, we believe in using public transport: taxis, buses and e-hailing services, as a means of advertising, while simultaneously increasing its exposure to the public eyes.

We provide outdoor advertising mechanisms of a large range - from everyday taxis, buses, e-hailing services, LED event trucks, company cars to your own vehicle, we cover them all. 

As of today, we have added numerous transit media in our growing list, ranged from various bus advertising in Malaysia to other public transports.

In addition, MobileAds uses high-quality inkjet printing to ensure thorough consumer satisfaction and to make sure that our customers' message can be clearly displayed to their targeted audience, as well as follow through with their campaign objectives.

Our advertising installments range from locations such as Peninsular and East Malaysia. We have made it a goal to constantly create new concepts, designs and advertising spaces equipped to flow with the market's trends and demands. We are certain that our innovative marketing and strategic approach to advertising will completely, and truly gratify our customers.